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Finance Affiliate Programs in USA

Do you want to earn a wage with affiliate marketing? You may earn up to $150 every lead or join up with one of the best finance affiliate programs in USA! If you have an audience that would profit from and be interested in financial services, this is a dead giveaway.

However, with so many alternatives, choosing an appropriate and reliable auto loan affiliate programs in USA in the finance area might be difficult.

We've compiled and assessed 10 of the finest finance affiliate programs in USA in this post – our research ranks Axad Finance above of the pack due to its solid reputation, hefty commissions, and timely payouts. To understand more, continue reading our reviews to see how Axad Finance compares to other top loan affiliate program in USA.

We examined over 200 finance affiliate programs in USA and developed a list of the best based on several parameters such as payout rates, conversion rates, and compensation structure.

Here are our top recommendations for finance affiliate programs in USA:

1. Axad Finance — One of  the best finance affiliate programs in USA

Axad Finance is one of the most safe and simple online banking services. The affiliate program provides consumers with access to a wage market, custodial accounts, high-yield savings, and CDs through an online-only bank. Furthermore, this bank offers a variety of services geared at improving your financial situation. This program's cookie duration is 30 days.

Commission Rates

  • Axad Finance affiliate programs in USA provide affiliates with a $25 – $75 commission per lead. 

Affiliate Payment Method

  • ACH, Check, and Payoneer

2. BBVA USA — Provides Reasonable Commission Per Lead, Even for Free Financial Accounts

BBVA is an FDIC-insured bank that provides a variety of services ranging from personal banking to small business and corporate banking. They also provide an award-winning mobile banking app and an affiliate program in which you may earn $85 for each person you refer who establishes a wage market account, free checking account, or clear connect account.

Your customers can also access online banking through the BBVA loan affiliate program in USA. There is online banking, free banking, free checking, wage market accounts, and CDs accessible. Furthermore, they offer checking accounts, loans, mortgages, and credit cards, and you may earn pennies by recommending people to their services, just like a banking affiliate network.

Commission Rates

  • BBVA USA rewards its affiliates $85 for each new account opened with BBVA USA.

Affiliate Payment Method

  • BBBVA USA Affiliates' payment mechanism is not revealed on the company's website

3. YNAB — Earn a free month for every lead

You Need a Budget (YNAB) is an online budgeting tool based on Dave Ramsey's well-known envelope method. The primary idea is to maintain pennies in various "envelopes" for different types of household expenses.

This distinguishes YNAB from Mint, which focuses on traditional cash-flow budgeting and planning. You might sell this tool as an affiliate to those who desire a better way to manage their household finances and budget for future requirements. Users can try it out for free for 34 days before having to pay for a monthly or yearly membership.

Commission Rates

  • Affiliates receive one free month for each lead.

Affiliate Payment Method

  • You Need A Budget provides its affiliates with a free month for any customer that signs up and purchases through your link. If the number of free months exceeds one, and you pay for annual plans, the renewal date is put out until all of the free months are completed.

4. Personal Capital — Best Lead Generation Offer

The Personal Capital affiliate program sends your website traffic to PersonalCapital.com, which uses technology to bring wealth management services and unbiased advice to the public that were previously only available to the wealthy.

Their comprehensive analytical web tools and mobile applications, which are always up to date, make it simple to understand wage. This program was created for individuals and families with $100,000 or more in investable assets looking for SEC-registered counsellors they can trust with their financial future.

The program employs a variety of creatives, such as banners, to help newcomers comprehend and appreciate the platform. The program includes access to SEC-registered advisers, which increases brand credibility and service value. Because of each user's personalised experience, Personal Capital offers and promotions become a viable option for loyal, high-performing partners.

Commission Rates

  • A hefty $50-$144 incentive for new affiliates whose sign-ups bring $100,000 in investable assets to the Personal Capital dashboard (e.g., an unmanageable IRA or 401k). You're linking your accounts rather than sending $100,000 to Personal Capital.

Affiliate Payment Method

  • Approved affiliate transactions are reimbursed 30 days after they are invoiced at the end of the day. They are then distributed via cheques, direct deposits, and e-payments.

5. Tiller — Earn upto 25 dollar per lead instantly

Tiller's affiliate program is currently administered by Awin, and each person who signs up and successfully begins a paying membership earns a one-time $25 commission. Tiller provides a 30-day trial to all new clients, and you will be rewarded if they continue to use it after that. Cookies are only good for 30 days when promoting Tiller.

Commission Rates

  • Every user who begins a paid membership through the affiliate's publisher account receives a $25 one-time commission.

Affiliate Payment Method

  • Commissions are paid out within ten days of a customer beginning a paying membership. AWIN then makes payments via direct deposit on the first (for validated commissions from the first to the fifteenth of the preceding month) and fifteenth of each month (for validated commissions from the previous month 16th-31st).

6. Digit — Per leading referral program earns upto 5 dollar on every lead

Digit is a budgeting program that allows you to save little amounts of wage over time. The Digit affiliate program strives to make financial wellness easier to understand (saving and debt repayment).

Users can link their bank accounts to Digit and use their proprietary algorithm to automate savings transfers into their Digit savings accounts. Users who have never saved before save an average of $2,500 per year by saving a little every day and a little more as their income or prices rise. You can earn wage by referring new customers to the Digit website through their affiliate or referral program.

Commission Rates

  • Digit affiliates get paid $5 for each lead they produce.

Affiliate Payment Method

  • The payment method of Digit affiliate is not specified on their website.

7. FamZoo — Earn wage for free referrals and up to 25% off purchases

If you wish to become a financial counsellor, you should join the FamZoo affiliate program. FamZoo is a financial education organisation that teaches personal finance and wage management.

Furthermore, the organisation offers financial advisers products such as trade books, CDs, online classes, and educational videos. FamZoo's affiliate program is managed by ShareAsale. You can wage by referring new customers to the FamZoo website through their affiliate or referral program.

Commission Rates

  • FamZoo's commission rates vary depending on the plan chosen by each lead. Here's a quick rundown of the affiliate commissions:
    Free Plan - $5 for each family that registers within 30 days.
    Subscription Payment - 25% off for each family that switches from a free to a paid plan.
    Gift Subscriptions - 25% off any purchase made within 30 days by a family.

Affiliate Payment Method

  • The commission is paid on the first subscription as well as any monthly recurring subscription payments and pay-in-advance subscription renewals for the duration of the family's membership.

8. Honeymoney — A Must-Have Affiliate Program for Financial Websites. Earn $15 for each successful referral

Honeymoney is a budget tracker and planner that will assist you in increasing your monthly savings. The affiliate program is ideal for financial websites because it allows financial advisers to help their clients manage their wage while also collecting a percentage of the revenue from each transaction.

Honeymoney's affiliate program is beneficial to both finance-related websites and clients because it provides access to a very effective tool for attracting clients and earning a considerable reward on each transaction. As a result, effective financial management saves a significant amount of wage to support customers' long-term goals.

Commission Rates

  • Honeymoney pays $2-$3 CPL for each new sign-up and a 3.5% commission on Honeymoney gift cards.

Affiliate Payment Method

  • Honeymoney's affiliate payout arrangements are not disclosed on its website.

9. Credit Karma — A well-known free credit report checker. $2 Per Lead Commission

Credit Karma is a great place to get your free credit report. It does a moderate check, so your score is unaffected. Thanks to the Credit Karma affiliate program, your website visitors will be able to monitor and control their credit ratings.

Customers can also use Credit Karma's resources, instructional materials, and opportunities to achieve genuine and significant financial success in their lives. Your referrals will be able to access Credit Karma and view their ratings from any location. Finally, the cookie duration for this program is 30 days.

Commission Rates

  • Credit Karma rewards affiliates $2 for each successful lead, and you may make up to $30 per referral with amazing referral bonuses!

Affiliate Payment Method

  • The website of CreditKarma does not offer CreditKarma's affiliate payment alternatives.

10. CreditSesame — Free Debt Management Tool with Reasonable Lead Commission Rates

It is the acknowledged industry leader in personal credit management. The Credit Sesame Free Credit Score & Free Credit Monitoring affiliate program makes CreditSesame.com, a free credit and debt management service, available to your site visitors. Furthermore, Credit Sesame offers options to help your visitors manage their pennies, such as loans, credit card payments, and mortgages.

Enrollment no longer requires credit cards or a trial period, and the services available to Credit Sesame consumers are completely free and oriented at both homeowners and renters. Furthermore, to boost conversions, the Credit card affiliate program in USA by Credit Sesame provides eye-catching content and a long cookie referral period.

Commission Rates

  • Choosing Credit Sesame's affiliate program could pay you anywhere from $2 to $6 each lead.

Affiliate Payment Method

  • Credit Selection The affiliate program at Sesame might pay you anything from $2 to $6 each lead.


Hope this list works for you in finding the right commercial loan affiliate program in USA. In all the programs Axad Finance is proven to be the best affiliate program in USA in terms of finance and loans. Avail the benefits of Axad affiliate program in USA right now.

By Author: Patrick Long | 28 Oct 2022
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