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Conversion rate optimization

Most of the time marketers do not focus on the types of traffic they are creating. And it becomes a problematic area for them. The fact is only the right kind of traffic with high-intent only is ready to convert and help to grow your business. Therefore don't be happy by seeing increased traffic which is of no use for your business. 

In this post, AXAD will take you through everything you need to know about conversion rate optimization. You need to know why conversions matter the most and how to apply conversion rate optimization tactics to your website. 

Let's get started with quick definitions:

If you want to know what conversion is? then it is a goal that is completed by a visitor to your website. It can be completing a purchase, signing up for your email newsletter, sharing an article from your blog, or anything else that you want to keep as important.

A conversion rate is the percentage of goals completed by visitors to your website. 

And conversion rate optimization is the process of increasing the percentage of visitors who complete a goal on your site. You need a thorough knowledge of how your site's visitors use your site, the actions they take while on your site, and the points that support them for conversion. 

If you want to get started with conversion rate optimization fast, then AXAD, the digital marketing agency is here with a comprehensive approach for conversion rate optimization best practices that ensures every part of the sales process is optimized to ensure that no lead will be left. 

Benefits of webpage conversion rate optimization

Benefits of CRO

Among many benefits, take a look at four different pages of sections of your website and conversion rate optimization benefits each. 

Home page 

It is the most seen page to receive the most traffic. Therefore when you need to start work on your conversion rate optimization, you need to work on this page to grab visitors' attention and get them to stay. 

On your home page, you can highlight your product information, and use a chatbot or live chat system to increase your interaction with audiences, and visitors. Work on creative calls to pull visitors deeper into your website. 

Product Page 

It is the page where purchases happen, so you can use conversion rate optimization best practices to answer visitor questions and handle objections. 


Optimizing your blogs for conversions, you might add a call to action throughout the blog. Ask readers to sign up for your email list in exchange for a helpful lead magnet. 

Landing pages 

CRO on landing pages really makes a difference. You can use CTAs to ensure that visitors know exactly what their next steps should be, but you will also want to sell them on why.

Tactics and analysis of conversion rate optimization 

CRO analysis

Now you must have understood what is the importance of conversion rate optimization for each website page, so you must be planning to get a start on it. 

Before starting it, you need to check your website's current position in terms of conversions, what will work for your website, and what more you can add to optimize. 

AXAD experts never recommend you for guessing work. Their conversion rate optimization tips can help to build your conversion strategy on what is really happening. 

There are many ways to get the information you need to high-impact conversion rate optimization best practices. At first, you need to use your website analytics to get the data then you need to talk with your visitors, users, and customers. 

If you wish to use Google Analytics then it's a decent tool you'll start with. Here analytics-based conversion rate optimization will help to know your visitor's interest in visiting your site. It helps to find out things like:

  • Where people enter your site
  • What pages do they spend the foremost time on
  • Where they came from (which site or channel referred them)
  • What technology (devices, browsers, operating systems) do they use
  • Who they're in terms of demographics and interests
  • Where they leave your conversion funnel

Once you've got your goals and funnels founded, Google Analytics will need time to assemble data before you'll be able to take a glance at where visitors are dropping by the wayside of your funnel.

AXAD’ conversion rate optimization tips are additionally recommending you check on the site's speed. For a specific page, you wish to appear at page timings. If you're trying to find ways to hurry up your site or want to repair issues then AXAD digital marketing services will facilitate your comprehensive website speed optimization services. 


Collect your data about your site that you just can use for CRO deals with people. There are some alternative ways you'll be able to collect data from users like customer satisfaction surveys, on-site surveys, and usefulness testing. 

You can survey users by following best practices such as:

Never ask too many questions. Keep your surveys short, limited to 5-10 questions. If you wish for more information, use follow-up surveys. 

Offer an incentive to create people completing your survey. People value their time and are willing to grant you a number of points that value their time the foremost. 

Always provoke open-ended questions, if you wish to urge visitor responses in their own words. Use multiple-choice for people to complete your survey. 

CRO optimization

Check a way to use the information to optimize your site for conversions:

  1. CTA and your blog posts 

You can find alternative ways to incorporate CTAs within your blog posts. Starters can add an opt-in form with a lead magnet offer to grow your email list. Experts are recommending text-based CTAs. 

  1. Test your landing pages 

In landing pages, visitors become leads, and leads become paying customers. you would like to run A/B tests for your landing page optimized conversions. It is in deep trouble headlines, copy, image offers, or the other thing that you just want to spotlight. 

  1. Easier conversion for high-intent users 

Some users come at the start and a few acquire the centre and return to the start before deciding to convert. If you wish to form it is easy for your visitors to convert at every step along your sales funnel with well-planned and executed content and compelling CTAs. 

  1. Your marketing automation 

You need to require the advantage of promoting automation. it'll help to form your marketing life easier and streamline your sales funnel tremendously.

To automate your marketing using marketing automation software, you can:

  • Send automatic email series 
  • Set sales meetings or book appointments
  • Send notifications to your sales and marketing teams when certain actions happen on your site
  • Send cart abandonment, emails, and plenty of more
  1. High-performing content optimization 

Check your high-traffic, low-converting content for methods to boost your SEO, change up your offer, or add a stronger CTA. 

  1. Retarget your page 

Many web users don't convert on their first visit, it takes longer. you've got to require a second chance at retargeting. you'll track each visitor to your site and follow them round the internet with branded ads, luring them back to your site. 

Final Thought

Are you ready to increase your website conversion rate? AXAD digital marketing agency will provide an in-depth approach to conversion rate optimization best practices. The team includes everything you want to boost your business sales like A/B testing, UX analysis, landing pages, sales process analysis, conversion tracking, and plenty of more. AXAD could be a full-service SEO, content marketing, SMO, affiliate marketing, performance marketing, digital marketing, etc. Your one-stop-shop for conversion rate optimization.

By Author: Patrick Long | 19 Jul 2022
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