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Health Insurance Affiliate Programs in USA

You have only got one body and it’s your responsibility to take of that. We have got the best health insurance affiliate programs in USA to start working with the health insurance domain.

Having an eHealth affiliate program in USA is a boon and you should have those plans to grow in the health sector.

Let’s check out a Few Health Insurance Affiliate Programs in USA for yourself-


Anyone who has to endure someone else's snoring finds it annoying. But (sleep apnea) can occasionally result in some extremely serious health problems.

These include depression, high blood pressure, visual issues, and eyestrain in addition to chronic weariness brought on by weeks of little sleep. To make a long story short, your health will suffer if you have sleep problems.

Axad, an inflatable smart device that detects snoring and changes your sleeping position to stop it, is the answer to all of the world's insomniacs' prayers. And it says it can accomplish that in as few as seven nights.

Your potential target market for this product could be the 48% of people who would dearly love to stop snoring. Or for the person sleeping next to them to stop snoring.

The Axad affiliate programme offers $16 for each referral you make and pays 6% on a $329 retail price. It also ranks at the very top of the list of health insurance affiliate programs in USA thanks to its EPC of $227.

The 30-night trial also gives you a lot of leverage when pre-selling this affiliate offer. Snorers, on the other hand, are prepared to pay almost anything for a cure.

Physicians Choice

A variety of nutritional and natural health supplements are offered by Physicians Choice with the goal of helping people live better lives and reduce their reliance on prescription drugs.

Consumers today are far more aware of what they put into their bodies and any potential harm.

Only nutritional supplements produced using materials and methods supported by research are offered by Physicians Choice. Because promoting natural health serves little purpose if entire ecosystems must suffer.

Therefore, this affiliate network provides health items that are especially targeted towards your audience if they want to get healthier, lose weight, enhance their sleep, look younger, or just feel better overall.

Here, we'd like to draw attention to how many affiliate commission payments this programme has made overall. As a result, it is the best-performing affiliate programme on the Refersion affiliate network for the health subcategory.

Additionally, they provide the same 20% incentive on repeat business. In affiliate marketing, this is the equivalent of a "sure item" for making money online.

The Lost Book Of Remedies

The Lost Book of Remedies, an eBook by Dr. Nicole Apelan, provides instructions on how to treat a variety of medical issues with plants and herbs. At this point, it is necessary to state the obvious and urge that anyone who has a medical issue should always seek a doctor's advise first.

Readers who have tried conventional medicine and are considering their options for natural health and wellness will find this eBook interesting. It also shows how to grow your own herbs and which varieties are best for naturopathic gardeners.

This is currently one of ClickBank's best-selling health items, and affiliates make money by promoting it. Look no farther than the commission schedule. In addition to the first purchase, there are three upsells that each pay you a 75% reward.

As a marketer, this results in a 75% affiliate commission. This essentially means that you are qualified to receive a commission of up to $130 for each new client you refer.


Do you know what one of the key elements of long-term wellness is? Movement.

Because of the societal tendency toward sedentarism, Fitbit's developers recognised an opportunity to combine smartphone technology with the need to get people active. A Fitbit is essentially a wearable device that tracks your daily activity level, dietary intake, and sleep patterns.

Although several tech companies have created wearable health products, the Fitbit brand now dominates the market. They are also the perfect product to promote to a market that values health.

Fitbits are widely available offline, which is undoubtedly a disadvantage of this health affiliate programme. However, thousands of these fitness trackers are being sold online, as indicated by their "Network Earnings" score. Fitbits are so clearly in demand, and you will receive a 3% affiliate commission for each one you sell. 

Tyent Water Ionizers

You can stay hydrated with Tyent Water Ionizers in addition to plain water. The percentage of water in the human body ranges from 60% to 70%. So it makes sense that drinking plenty of water is a good idea if you want to feel and look well.

But the truth is that the majority of the bottled and tap water you consume every day is tainted with contaminants, ranging from faeces to heavy metals.

A Tyent ioniser not only gets rid of these contaminants but also increases the alkalinity of your water, which is said to provide health advantages like better digestion, greater energy, and a reduction in joint discomfort. Additionally, the amount of pure drinking water on this planet is limited, thus adopting filtration only makes sense at this point.

Due to the high cost of protein powders and supplements, health affiliate programmes typically have lower payouts.

This is why you'll value the average compensation rate of $162 on purchases up to $3,000 offered by the Tyent affiliate marketing programme. Larger orders are also probably possible. Many people are willing to pay for water ionisers despite the cost. Everyone is covered, from the average household to preparedness fanatics worried about something in the water.

Just Thrive Probiotic

In order to be completely healthy, one must feel and look good on the inside and out. Prebiotic and probiotic pills from Just Thrive are available in a number of forms to help your visitors maintain healthy digestive and internal health.

Just Thrive makes sure that your gut bacteria are in harmony and was founded by a husband and wife team who are passionate about the health and wellness of others.

Their entire line of health products is predicated on the idea that an imbalance in the bacteria in your gut can cause any illness or condition you can imagine.

The Just Thrive line is ideal for everyone, regardless of their dietary or lifestyle preferences because it is also vegan, paleo, and keto-friendly.

This affiliate marketing offer is one of the top-performing health affiliate programmes in this roundup because it pays a 5% commission and has an EPC of $160. The 180-day cookie is also a good addition because probiotics are not exactly an impulse buy.

This offers you six whole months to see if your visitors turn into customers.

Neurohacker Collective

Do you aspire to become the person you were meant to be? If so, Neuro Hacker's supplements for cell and mitochondrial fitness might be exactly what you need.What you see is a variety of nootropics (smart medications), a medical fad that has gained enormous popularity over the past ten or so years:

Nootropics Google Trend Graph

I won't pretend to grasp the science involved in any of this, but the fact is that nootropics and supplements that are similar to them are becoming increasingly popular among people from all social classes.

They behave in this way because they think utilising these goods can improve their intelligence, focus, and even slow down the ageing process.

Who wouldn't want to be younger, sharper, and smarter? And in essence, that is how you would introduce individuals to products made by the Neurohacker Collective.

As an affiliate marketer, you will receive a 15% commission on each sale they make, which amounts to, on average, $10 per transaction. On the ShareASale affiliate network, let's focus on their "Power Rank" and "EPC" metrics. They assert that affiliate marketers who regularly market these health products make money.


KOS's line of plant-based supplements, protein powders, and superfoods are designed to "...reboot your interior," according to the company's straightforward mission statement. On the name-bearing Greek island, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, was born.

Therefore, the team behind KOS wants to assist your visitors in obtaining the greatest benefit and calorie intake from plant-based foods in the form of protein powders, in keeping with what Hippocrates desired for humanity (better health). Naturally vegan-friendly, their products are also made with non-GMO ingredients in small batches.

It makes sense for each of us to strive to consume a diet that is health-focused given the major obesity issue that the Western world is currently facing.

The KOS programme, which gives a 15% reward for each referral made through your affiliate links, is one of the top health affiliate programmes on Refersion. You are also paid for any number of affiliate referrals that are made throughout the 30-day cookie period.

Plus CBD Oil

After utilising CBD oil to cure my dog's (well, she's 10) joint issues, I included it in our piece on pet affiliate programmes. She hasn't needed an injection in months, so it seems that the cannabidiol oil has taken care of the problem.

I'm confident you'll discover a range of markets for Plus CBD's CBD-based products because they work for anything from skincare to anxiety attacks.Since the early 1960s, efforts have been made to promote hemp's health advantages, but little has changed. Only recently has the usage of CBD products been widely accepted.

Since ingesting CBD oil may have benefits for people from all walks of life, you don't need to sell these products to a health-focused market. Whether they want to lessen the discomfort in their arthritic joints or enhance the quality of their sleep, everyone who wants to feel better about themselves will be interested.

To evaluate how they measure up against the other health affiliate programmes featured here, let's compare them now. This programme is currently one of the top 50 performers on the ShareASale affiliate network. With an average order value of $94 and a strong EPC of 15%, this health offer gives you the possibility to make a lot of $19 payouts.


Choose what you find right out of all these health affiliate programs in USA for you. Check out Axad health affiliate programs in USA which provides the best medicare affiliate program in USA and earn the handsome revenue.

By Author: Sam Peterson | 10 Nov 2022
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