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Affiliate Marketing and its different types

Affiliate marketing is the way where you want to make money by promoting someone else’s product/service. You will build an engaging audience and earn a commission every time you are to make a sale. As a beginner, one should understand affiliate marketing, how it works, and what are its different types one can start working with? In this blog, AXAD is offering basics and different types of affiliate marketing. 

In easy language, one can say that affiliate marketing is a way that businesses can outsource their marketing to you in a strictly performance-based way. These offers make a 100% return on their business investment that makes it unique among online marketing strategies.

It is giving an opportunity to beginners to make a good deal of money by selling a product that is not yours. The more you sell the more you earn. To make money as an affiliate marketer you need to know each role and how they can potentially help you make money as an essential starting step. 

AXAD Affiliate Marketing Process

The success of affiliate marketing needs building relationships between three distinct parties. The advertisers, consumers, and publishers. 

 affiliate marketing process

Advertiser: It is the first party that is selling the actual product or service. Affiliates work with. They will establish an affiliate program and leave it to you to carve out your space on the web and sell their product. 

Publisher: It is the second party which is mostly referred to as the affiliate marketer. The advertiser and affiliate relationship are highly strategic. It is the requirement of both the companies to make money for the relationship to continue. 

Consumer: Finally the consumer is the third and last party that will possibly be buying your product. The relationship between the affiliate and the consumer builds on trust. 

The triangle relationship when interacting with marketing efforts will move further into the publisher's sales funnel. Once they buy something or complete the action agreed upon by the affiliate and merchant, everyone will receive their piece of the exchange. When each party plays its role, you can start to gain a better picture of how the entire affiliate marketing process works. 

The merchant can track you through various technologies and platforms, when you send a customer or will pay you if they buy a product or service. When every aspect of affiliate marketing works together, all the three parties will get benefits. Consumers get their product, merchants generate revenue and affiliates make a commission. 

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is an agreement where an advertiser pays a publisher or influencer a commission for bringing them sales. The unique link that affiliate receives from any referral can be tracked . You will find different types of affiliate programs. Popular affiliate programs include search affiliates, reviews, email marketing programs, and coupon programs.

Know about affiliate links:

affiliate marketing link

The unique affiliate link  URLs contain the affiliate username or ID along with the advertiser's URL. Companies offer affiliate programs through these links to record the website affiliate traffic. When one clicks the affiliate link and takes an action for the endorsed product on the advertiser's site, the affiliate receives the payment.

The pros and cons of affiliate marketing 

Affiliate Marketing Pros: 

Affiliate marketing pros and cons

Minimum startup cost. There are many affiliate marketing programs that let you join even for free. 

  • You are not going to make your product or service
  • When a buyer buys, your merchant ships for you. 
  • With your computer and wifi, you can work anytime and from anywhere
  • It is a passive income that you are generating 
  • It is a kind of extra revenue source for a home-based business

Affiliate Marketing Cons:

  • Building affiliate traffic for referrals can some time
  • The poor tracking system may lead to poor sales.
  • Either merchant or customer any body can damage your reputation and relationships
  • Your input is zero on the product you are promoting
  • Some  company do not pay and  'go ghost'
  • You have to deal with heavy competition
  • The customer is ultimately the merchant's, not yours.

What are the different types of affiliate marketing?

In affiliate marketing, you may find a wide variety of types and all of them are different. Here AXAD affiliate Marketing team is mentioning a few good types of affiliate marketing that the team mostly works with:

Affiliate marketing types

  • Webmaster or site owners: Marketers or the owners who have their own sites come in this affiliate marketers' category. There is a large number of webmasters that are available and the number is always increasing. Site owners with high authority sites drive relevant users to the merchant's site and in exchange for deals, they get their profit shares. 
  • SEO Affiliates or PPC: Pay Per Click skills are utilized to send consumers to advertisers. It is mostly utilized in Social Media Advertising. They use their own capital so that they can optimize the search engine, social media advertising and many other paid advertising models that an ROI can be generated for affiliate offers. Here affiliates will be paying for every click while they receive payments when the leads make the purchase. SEO and PPC types of affiliate marketing are practiced by experts who can try different things to connect and convert leads. 
  • Content Sites:In affiliate marketing, you need to use different types of content strategies such as blogs, portals, website content, and many more. Content sites are also used for writing reviews about merchants' any new service or product. When you write reviews of the product or service it helps to spread about your product in a better way. Site owners monetize their site users by sending them to the advertisers' page. The blogs and reviews tend to rank higher in search engines. Always opt for niche content sites, it will help in generating more conversions and gain huge affiliate traffic
  • Newsletter: Here the publishers have databases of user emails that they can use for sending out specific offers or newsletters related to the products and services of the merchants. It is vital for users to accept affiliates' emails. Such a type of affiliate marketing offers easy ways to share offers and promotions. 
  • Coupon Sites:There are some categories of people who search for coupons from all the marketers out there. It is a kind of smart online shopping. The coupon sites will get a huge amount of traffic and thus your revenue gets increased. 
  • Social Media: There are experts and influencers who enjoy social media platforms that they use to send their followers to the advertisers' sites. These affiliate marketers promote products and services through their followers, friends, and members of different social media channel groups. 
  • Review Sites: Review sites have a particular niche. These types of review sites are mostly liked by affiliate marketers. Such hosting is commonly hosted by hosts that are dealing with a variety of companies of different niches and domains. The review site's affiliate marketing will help in organic search that runs on all the pages with different kinds of reviews. 
  • In such an affiliate, marketing affiliates will earn commissions when they refer business to the advertiser and make the review site large as well as convert demography for the marketing affiliates. 
  • Incentivized Traffic: In this type of affiliate marketing traffic comes to merchants' sites in exchange for some sort of incentive or compensation for performing any desired actions like registration or visiting a site. The other types of incentives are also offering cashback or virtual currency that one can redeem to make their purchases. This makes affiliate merchants enjoy boosted traffic from relevant audiences. 
  • Shopping Services: Here websites are designed to provide specific services for boosting online purchases for particular brands. Such types of affiliate marketing websites can be price comparison sites, aggregators, review portals, metasearch engine sites, and so on. Site users are redirected to the merchant's site via content to complete the desired action and boost sales. 

Final Thoughts

Affiliate Marketers can choose any particular types of affiliate marketing that suit well with their skills to make a good commission in the process. These are the most effective ways to widen the audience base on the web. The AXAD affiliate marketing team is displaying that the best way to ensure long-term program success with any brand is to test pages and channels for the least effort and maximum outcomes. 

Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative way to build a profitable relationship with brands and other companies that you admire within your industry. AXAD affiliate marketing agency can give you valuable insight into the affiliate business model and the team can let you learn new strategies for expanding your venture. AXAD experts will help you to understand all the moving parts of affiliate marketing and strategies to generate more leads and conversions. 

By Author: Patrick Long | 30 Jun 2022
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