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Paid Advertising


About the project

You.Rock.Style. is a casual & formal apparel brand for women offering dresses, new arrivals, basics, knitwear, tops, jackets, jeans, bottoms, shorts, skirts, dresses, playsuits, footwear and accessories. The company sells their products through their online platform, which launched in 2016. The brand is focusing on increasing its ability to shop by body shape, colour, Australian-made, natural fibres, personality and occasion, view items on a diverse range of model sizes and upgrade to a You.

The situation

You.Rock.Style team had some past experiences promoting their brand through social media. However, they are unable to attain satisfactory results in global prospects. At first, the brand wasn’t as strongly portrayed on social media as it wanted. Since they were performing in a competitive landscape, they weren’t able to make a sturdy impact in the market. 

You.Rock.Style lacked advanced targeting and had no conquering ad recall as a part of their campaign. This meant overall the return on their ad-spend was quite low that in turn leads their campaigns neither to be competent nor profitable. 

AXAD Action Plan

Taking the expertise of our team in the realm of digital marketing, the AXAD  team planned a vigorous campaign for You.Rock.Style to strengthen their brand online along with procuring the maximum sales on apparel products.

Analysing patterns in their competitors, performing extensive market research and understanding their consumer’s interests, we headed towards social media as our primarily targeted domain.

Being aware of the competitive fitness market we started with an aggressive approach. From creating appealing & brand-centric product designs to innovative & advanced social media targeting techniques we narrowed our reach down to our ideal customers.

Running progressive social media ads we aimed to drive tons of relevant traffic to their website product & category pages & also retarget those users back on social media with our pixel data to accumulate conversions.

Work we did 

Since social media was our focus in our marketing actions for You.Rock.Style, designing visually appealing & brand-centric product designs was also a crucial part. With our proficient design services we outlined and formulated many optically attractive designs, both for sponsored ads & organic posts.

Each of the designs was centred toward the apparel products being offered. The concept was to design something that implores the user to stop scrolling the feed & take a concentrated look at the post while they’re on any social channel.

With the optimum mixture of colours, rightly chosen themes & well-formulated layouts our design team architected the most epic social media designs for You.Rock.Style which outperformed all its major competitors in user engagement.

Advanced Targeting

When it comes to social media advertisement You.Rock.Style had many past experiences, however, none could bring the best results in real sales. Irrespective of reaching maximum people, their boosted social media posts would hardly bring any engagement, let alone conversions.

With our comprehensive social media marketing You.Rock.Style was able to target its consumers with relevant interests & corresponding demographics effectively. A step forward, we tracked their website, and visitors, with Facebook Pixel installation & re-targeted them back on Facebook with other ad sets we had developed.

As a result, they were able to chase & thus capture every potential customer that had visited their website at least once. Their conversion rate boosted by more than 200% and we noticed a prominent jump in their sales revenue.

Social Media Growth Statistics:

In the year 2021, June, when AXAD started working with You.Rock.Style the social media statistics are: 

Followers started from 4k and gradually increased and now reached more than 27k

Interactions in 2021 1k and after our constant work it reaches upto 26k

Impressions  as per 2021 started from 4k to now reached to 27.1k

Reach in 2021 is 1.34K and now it is increasing to 27k

We at AXAD still growing and working our best to achieve best globalised results.