SMM Case Study

SMM Case Study

Pro Cleaning


Brand Consultancy  


Providing a cleaning solution brand into the market and positioning it differently. 

Target Market 

Corporates, Homes, Constructions, Restaurants, Hotels, Commercial Buildings, Education Buildings, Offices

Briefing about the Brand 

The Healthiest Cleaning Solution

Pro Cleaning was established in 2008, backed by 4-decade expertise groups in the cleaning and hygiene industry. Provide a full range of cleaning services to both commercial and personal establishments. As properties differ, so does the cleaning process change accordingly. Customised cleaning and healthy hygiene maintenance lie in Pro Cleaning USP. The challenge was that almost every brand today is trying to highlight the organic market, then how do we stand out?

AXAD Process 

The safe and eco-friendly cleaning solution that lets you feel fresh.

Our brainstorming creativity lies here for brand positioning and boosting the visual identity of the eco-friendly technology that leaves the smallest portion of carbon footprint only in its cleaning procedure.No hidden chemicals in  Pro Cleaning green cleaning is giving exposure to its loyalty towards its service purpose. Pro Cleaning’s brand experience wants to reflect its commitment to creating sustainable products that not only last for longer but also give their true value. This becomes the key factor for us to highlight its visual identity. 

Pro Cleaning: Cleaning and Hygiene

  • Ceiling cleaning and restoration 
  • window treatment 
  • Floor cleaning and restoration 
  • Facade and exterior cleaning 
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning 
  • Ac duct cleaning 
  • Maintaining indoor air quality 
  • After construction cleaning 
  • End/Beginning of Tenancy 
  • Deep cleaning and disinfection 
  • Pre & Post events cleaning 


Maintain quality of one’s health & sense of well being

The last few years have opened everyone’s eyes to health and hygiene. One more thing that needs everyone’s attention here is- Along with outside air, indoor air also needs quality. And that’s what Pro Cleaning truly believes in. Transparency, reliability, creativity and providing quality services are the key focusing areas of Pro Cleaning. 

We keep these all cultural values in mind and try our best in creating a communication guideline for them, which should be used everywhere. We used similar communication on their website and across all their collaterals.

Pro Cleaning: Bring your thoughts and problems to us and let us create concrete solutions.

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